How do I market my business?

You have just started your own company or you have an existing company but you want to expand your client base and now you want to market your business.

Now what? Where do you start?


If you’ve started out then you first need to design a logo and create a brand for your business. What does it stand for? How will people recognise or relate an image to your business?

Alot of thought actually needs to go into a logo as this will be the impression everyone gets of you and your business, for example everyone knows the swoosh means Nike. The Black and white W means Woolworths.

Once you have established your logo, colour scheme and basically your brand identity of who you and what represents your business, you can then begin the marketing phase.

If you have an existing company, then it’s a great idea to re-brand your company with a completely new look. Often we’ve seen companies actually change the logo and even their colour scheme. Most of which usually goes for more of a simple, corporate look instead of full colour logos. The reason for this is simple is easy to remember, easy to standout and easy to brand. Simplify all your branding costs in one easy swoop.


Your new brand identity then needs to be expressed in everything that is displayed to the customers and audience, such as business cards, signage, invoicing, books, website, social media and so much more.



All printed material required for marketing to clients will then be based on your brand identity such as brochures, flyers, presentation folders, posters, labels and so much more. Depending on the quantities you will be printing, you will either use digital or litho printed materials.

You then need to create a ‘social profile’, meaning you need to create profile for your business on the social media platforms, starting with a website which will have all the information regarding your business, which can be accessed anywhere in the world.

The website will also have contact form for clients to contact you which will be emailed directly to you and you can then track how many requests come from your website.

There are many factors to consider when creating a website. You don’t want to create a beautiful site packed with information and pictures of what you do and then nobody sees it or even knows it exists. How will they know where to go or how to find it unless you tell them about it? Are you going to go around to every business and say please look at my website? You need to advertise on what they call search engines, its the digital platform that replaced the yellow pages. You type what you searching for and the most popular, relevant business matching your exact search will pop up at the top and above those are companies that have paid to advertise and be viewed first when you type specific keywords that relate to what they offer. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and must be setup correctly in your actual website’s coding.


Digital marketing is the industry where businesses post information and even promotions on social media platforms such as facebook, pinterest, google plus, instagram, twitter and more to attract or engage their audience (existing customers or potential customers).

Post content to draw people’s attention to your advert/post and then have a call to action, namely they must click the link to your website to either get more information about you and become even more engaged in what you do and offer, and ultimately they must fill out the contact form to enquire about your services/products.

Your social media adverts/posts are then tracked to see how many people are viewing and clicking on the posts and which types of posts, so that you know what type of post has the most engagement with your audience so that you can do it again.

The action of clicking to go to your website can be tracked, as well as the actual contacting you process. This proves that all your marketing efforts are or are not working, making digital marketing the most sought after marketing method.

Not only is it available all over the world in real time, your clients can comment and engage with you, building more relationships than you trying to cold-call to all the businesses out there, but it is also far cheaper than printing thousands of brochures and handing them out and wondering if anyone is actually reading them.

This is a proven method of marketing with results presented to you with insights to your social media status and website visits.

The posts are free (if you doing them yourself), alternatively you can pay a company like Divine Design to design and post relevant adverts or information about your company to people that have already viewed your platform (eg facebook page) and have liked it to view more information when it is posted.

You can also pay to advertise to people on the social media platforms that have not seen or even heard of your page with a little sponsored AD that pops on their screen. This can literally reach thousands and thousands of people all around you and you can scale your marketing down to the very area you operate your business from, the type of people you want to market to (gender, age, work industry, education levels) and really target your advert to the right audience and all for a very affordable budget, which you set yourself.

eg R500 a day, week or month.

Therefore never over extend on your marketing budget again. Get the results you need for far less money.


If this all sounds very scary for you, don’t worry!! That’s why Divine Design is here to assist with all your graphic design requirements for either printed materials or the digital marketing posts/adverts.

We can also assist in the tracking and insights and the actual creating your profile onto the social media platforms.

We can then schedule a monthly marketing plan and post your information or adverts on these sites to market your business at an affordable rate.

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